2010 more solar energy industry merge will impact

Message on 19 November, 2010 more solar energy industry have impact, due to fierce competition and prices high-cost impact those with assets and liabilities of the enterprise, BP Solar Energy CEO told reporters on Thursday.

BP solar energy, petroleum (BP), and other solar energy enterprises are faced with a pick-up in demand for renewable energy systems, before it is frustrating for one year, after experiencing financing difficulties and the prices of solar panels, solar panels prices will continue to drop.“ for some there will be a driving force, while others, they will be difficult to face the cost reduction and price reduction, ” BP Solar Fezzani CEO Reyad said in an interview.

Nov. 21, 2009

Suntech solar energy subsidies by China Ministry of Finance

Today, Suntech Power Holdings (NYSE: STP) announced that it has, and will participate in the construction of photovoltaic projects, access to the State Treasury solar roofs program subsidies, access to subsidies for the project exceed the total cumulative installed capacity of 91 MW of approved subsidies for 20% of .

In March of this year, China Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and the Ministry of Finance also issued the "Regulations on accelerating the implementation of solar PV building applications opinions", "solar architectural applications Provisional Measures for financial assistance fund management", on the building with solar Product implementation of the subsidies, two views of China's "Solar Roofs Plan" core.

Nov. 14, 2009

China's new energy industry development plan to revitalize Exposure

China officials are being developed to revitalize the New Energy and Industrial Development Plan (Draft) pointed out that until 2020 the new energy power generation accounted for the proportion of the total electricity installed capacity will reach 15%, of which solar power, nuclear power, wind power generation capacity will be respectively reached 20 million Kw, 86 million Kw, 150 million Kw, including solar power generation capacity target is higher than previously proposed by the mainland authorities planning objectives far higher.

The draft also mentions that in 2011 solar power, nuclear power, wind power installed capacity will scale up to 2 million Kw, 12 million Kw, 35 million Kw. Mainland officials previously proposed "renewable energy sources and long-term development plan" in reference to 10 years after the solar energy industry installed capacity target of 1.8 million Kw, if the new plan targeting the installed capacity is equivalent to two years ago, the old plan about 11 times.

Nov. 12, 2009

General Electric will close its only solar panel manufacturing plant

It is learned that, General Electric Co., (GE) plans to close its only solar panel manufacturing plants, mainly because prices have been lower than the cost of production. Milissa Rocker GE spokesman, said in an interview, the company has in the October 23 announced the reorganization of solar energy business to its staff, but also intends to close the Newark, Delaware, plant. Rocker said that the decision to close the plant was mainly due to the challenges facing the solar energy industry, such as the needs of the industry can achieve twice the capacity, product prices are below cost and so on.

General Electric plans to January 1, 2010 to stop production of silicon crystal panels. Rocker said the company would be closed before the end of June next year, the plant. She said the plant currently employs 82 people will be all fired and received severance pay and related benefits. Rocker, however, said GE is also the issue of the plant to explore other options.

Nov. 10, 2009

Evergreen Solar plans to shift production to China

Evergreen Solar Devens company plans to stop production of solar panels, and center of gravity shift of production to China. In the Massachusetts State of the Marlboro company produces silicon and battery, and assembled into panels. However, the operating costs of the plant is very expensive in China, this cost comparison, relatively small.

Evergreen Solar's decision to have the production moved to China and signed a contract with JIAWEI Solar production of solar cells as well as components. Evergreen will be the production of solar silicon wafers in China, leased JIAWEI Solar company to build factories. Evergreen plans to initially have a capacity of up to 100MW. In 2010 a quarter of production.

Nov. 7, 2009